Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love this new chair!

So Viv is obsessed with her new potty (thank you Aunt Joann).  To be honest, the cushion factor on this thing makes me a little jealous.  Besides the really cool modern look of it, I do love the fact that she prefers this seat now to any in the house.  To prevent any emails telling me how my kid is too young to potty train, hold up!  Chill out!  We are not potty training per se.  Just getting her used to the idea.  She already squats down every time she poops, and knows all about how the whole toilet thing works (thank you, Grandpa).  I think it's adorable how she wants her baby to go on the toilet now too!  Mommy may have also bought her the most adorable book "Everyone Poops" for Christmas.  What can I say, I love that book...especially the page where the elephant get the idea!

Didn't know this whole post would be about poo did you?  

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