Thursday, May 26, 2011

Circles and letters

Here is a clip or two of Vivi and I doing the cheapest thing ever -- drawing with crayons and playing with stickers.  There's a huge store in San Francisco called SCRAP, and it is a sort of project based - reusable materials store.  Anyway.  There are apparently a TON of stickers there and Viv and I are going tomorrow to check it out.  It is supposedly very nice on the pocketbook and has millions of stickers.  Literally!  I'm excited. 

Vivi is "learning" her letters.  I am truly not a momma that believes in pushing a toddler to learn a bunch of "stuff" they are going to learn eventually anyhow.  It all started when I got Vivi an alphabet set for the bathtub and Mitch began going over the first letters of family members (Nono, Grandma, Auntie, Momma, etc).  She took to it immediately and has been pointing these letters out to us wherever she sees them.  It's incredible.  She is a sponge right now, and can identify 12 letters on her own.  This kid seems to have the memory of an elephant -- it takes her ONE showing to learn a letter.  Nuts.

Okay, that's enough chattiness about my daughters memory skill with letters!  She loves learning, she truly does.  She has so much fun when she can do something that Momma and Dada can do.  She is my little adult.  I love her to pieces and we are just inseparable little buddies lately.

I'll be back with a review of SCRAP.  Let's hope it's packed full of stickers for 99 cents.  That's the rumor!


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