Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been a little quiet around Team Dub the last few weeks, and my only excuse for it is that I just simply haven't felt the blogging itch.  Quite the opposite actually, I've been plagued with the nagging feeling that anything I put up here is just nonsense -- and who wants to bother with reading about other people and their day to day life?  Who?  (The answer, my friends, is me). 

Whenever I feel like this I have to stop and remember that I am not just a person who blogs, I am also a person who reads, follows, and appreciates them as well.  It's an interesting way to connect to people "these days" but connection it is nonetheless.  So all of this to say that while I have been quiet on the outside, I have been going BANANAS on the inside!  It's been business as usual here and then some.  I'm working on a bunch of features and things for the site (for all 10 of you who follow.  kidding... :).  Soon I will be moving the Team over to TypePad - it's nearly ready and hopefully it will be a better set up for some of the things I've been itching to do.  I really want to do more writing, so hopefully you'll see more of that come your way (whether you like it or not ;).  I am in the beginning phase of running and organizing the misters business (read: secretary with benefits) so you may hear more about that on here.  He has been a busy little bee!  We've also been traveling at least every other weekend this month and we're trying hard to finish up loose ends here at home.  So it's been packed full and feels like it.  We've managed to keep up a healthy garden though which has been very rewarding!  Oh, I have pictures to share (of course)!

*Spoiler alert: don't look to me for any DIY type of things (not that I don't ever read or look at them myself), it's just they've been done, and I'm just not that kind of gal).  No disrespect to any DIYers, I've got all the love in the world for you, honest.  I'm just hiding the fact that I'm really not that talented.*  Tangents are more my thing...anyway, back to subject!

I'm gonna try to post more than once per week starting now, and I have a lot of things I wished I had gotten up here earlier.  Our trip to Ojai being one of them!  I'm also pretty excited to share Vivi's revamped bedroom and the rest of our little projects at home (did I say projects? gasp!).  I promise, no tutorials.  Just pictures.  Meanwhile, here are a few videos.  Vivienne saying my favorite word, and lying in the dirt.

See you soon, peace out.

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