Saturday, February 5, 2011

What we do: Friday nights

One of my New Years resolutions (to myself, because I don't make resolutions) was to get this blog going to its full potential.  That means a post every day.  I've already failed, thus why I hate resolutions.  It's never too late to start over though!  I'm going to implement some new features -- one being a "what we do" series, along with a few other things up my sleeve.  I'm also changing the name of the blog and I'd love opinions!  Right now, my vote is for TeamDub.  We often call ourselves the "W's" in the Weathers family (pronounced "dub").  So I'm excited for all of the changes coming up, and for the continued creative outlet.  I'm equally thankful to all who read and follow along on this blog, and have given me such gracious and complimentary feedback, both strangers and people I know.  I'm glad my little corner of the world brings some pleasure.  So, without further ado, this is what we do on a Friday night:

Firkin Fridays:  The Speakeasy Brewery

We've found an amazing little treasure in The Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, where we have our abode.  It's the Speakeasy Brewery which is located 3 blocks from our house!  On Friday evenings for happy hour they open the brewery to the public and serve beer on tap.  You purchase poker chips as tokens for beer (we always have poker chips laying around the house now), there is free popcorn (my weakness) and a local Mexican restaurant comes in and serves great food.  My choice last night were the potato and cheese, and spicy chicken taquitos, for a dollar each.  So good!  The best part about this place, and it's hard because there are a lot of great things, is the kid/baby friendliness of it.  Vivienne loves this place.  We've met some really cool families there and Viv always ends up outside on the patio with a bunch of sidewalk chalk while we drink our beer.  It's open from 4 until 9pm, you can bring your own jugs to fill up, and it's just an all around good time with a great atmosphere.  I'll try to get better pictures next really is fabulous and a perfect Friday night with a toddler if you want to get a few beers on and walk home!

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