Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday / Swim Day

learning to kick

post dunk

We've been going swimming on Sundays at the neighborhood pool.  It's called Martin Luther King Jr. pool and it's beautiful.  It's also FIVE dollars for adults, ONE dollar for children.  For reals.  Some days we have the pool to ourselves, the whole pool!  Vivienne loves the water.  I am so proud of her every time I watch her dunk her little head in and come up with a great big smile.  This is no surprise to us, she has loved dunking water on herself in the bath for some time now.  But to see her tiny body in a giant pool with her daddy, and see her being so brave, I get this cheesy grin the whole time I am there.  She spends the car rides home doing the "more" sign so she can get back in.  We have a little swimmer on our hands I think, even though every time I put her in the pool she acts like she is going to die, and then about literally 2 seconds later she is screaming with joy. 

Next week I will be getting in the pool.  Time to look at Boden or jcrew for a new suit.  Mine are at least 6 years old, and can I just say things don't sit in the same places after you have a baby.  At least on my body they don't.  Also, my lack thereof in the top department may as well have me looking in the boys section for swim trunks.  I kid, but it's definitely not an ego boost that's for sure.  But I am sucking it up!  My not so comfortableness in the water and my fear of showing off my bright white body, and I am diving in!  Vivi has definitely taught me that, to be courageous.  I love our Sunday routines.

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