Sunday, February 20, 2011

Randall Museum

The great thing about having Mitch home for a sabbatical has been that he can go with Vivi and I on our city adventuring.  The other day we decided to tour the Randall Museum, and can I just say WOW.  It's free, with the exception of donations (support the arts people!), the view is outstanding and almost 360 degrees, and it is geared towards toddlers and little kids.  There is a huge parking lot, and it almost feels hidden.  All of the exhibits are native to San Francisco - the wildlife, ecosystems, trains, and arts are all things you would encounter in the city.  Amazing.  We had a blast.  Such a lovely discovery/gem. 

My favorite part was the fact that it is clearly an old elementary school or something, and if you go poking around the hallways you see old classrooms from the 50's, old science labs, dusty closets, you get the idea.  Such a perfect setting for a great zombie flick or Stephen King novel, complete with lots of fog on top of the hill.  I can hear and see Mitch rolling his eyes at that last statement.  I have this thing where I always think about zombies wherever I go.  ALWAYS.  What would I do if they suddenly stormed the place (not that zombies can really storm a place, they are rather slow)?  It's my thing, I can't help it.  I'm secretly working on a zombie novel.  Tangent alert (as if I haven't already digressed)!  I have a friend I met through my previous job at Stanford who totally got me.  Not only did she get me, she had her own version of zombies as well!  It was a match made in heaven, and with all the secret passageways and hallways and dark, dank rooms of the Stanford libraries, we had many a fun moment imagining whole scenarios of zombie packed action!  Oh, those were the days!

Phew!  Sorry.  Go to this museum, it is totally worth it and zombie free!

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