Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I feel like a bad mom...

It has been one of those weeks that I'm finally admitting out loud.  I don't talk about my pain issues on here because let's face it, it's boring.  Plus, I'm sick of it.  Let's just say though that it's been a sucky week for pain, and I'm having one of those periods where I don't feel like being positive about it and looking at the silver lining.  I feel like shouting and crying and spending a week in my bed with the covers pulled over my head.  Not really conducive behavior for a Mommy and a Wife.  Yes, those words are capitalized ON PURPOSE.  Sometimes they feel like definitions instead of adjectives.  The people I always end up feeling guilty about are Mitch and Vivi.  They deal with the brunt end of my snappiness (mostly Mitch).  I know this is not easy.  I am admitting this.

I've been less than a super patient mommy this week.  I've lost my temper a few times.  I've raised my voice more times than I care to admit.  I've looked forward to bed time a little too much.  But I know that this will pass, and I'm going to give myself a break -- forgive myself.  Next week will be better.  I'll have more patience and I'll snuggle more.  I'll take care of myself a little more.  I'm very glad it's Friday.

In happier news, Vivi goes poop on the potty now!  Twice now.  It's almost a regular thing for her to go to the bathroom before her bath now.  She grunts and knows the sensation (TMI, I know), she points and wants to wipe and flush.  I'm thinking about starting the potty training, for real.  Oh boy.  I'll definitely need to start on a week that has more capacity for patience ;)

I'd love to hear about everyone's weeks (the few people that actually read this blog :).  Hope they were a little better than mine!


*note: I never post naked baby pictures on here but figured it doesn't show much with this ShakeIt feature.  However, please do not copy or use these photos (it should go without saying I know, but there we have it).

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  1. It continually amazes me how fast she's growing up. Your pain issues are a reality of life right now. You should voice them. I don't think they're boring as much as that people feel like they wish they could help. At least, that's how I feel.