Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

post bath snuggle
We aren't really Super Bowl people in this house (gasp!, I know).  And it's sacrilegious too because Mitch's dad and entire family really are Packers fans.  Like, serious Packers fans.  Hopefully I spelled Packers right.  Anyway, we caught the last hour of it, or so.  Vivi has been going crazy at night, like an overtired comedian/feral animal.  It's so entertaining.  We spent today at the beach, (and got some great pictures I will share later) and she refused to put any clothes on after we got home.  It started out sad (because we canceled a trip to Santa Barbara due to sick/teething child) but all in all, a really fabulous weekend.  Hoping everyone else enjoyed theirs as well.

Go Packers!

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