Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Because this much cuteness is meant to be shared

Today I got pretty sick, and Mitch took Vivi on a hike/walk (through a bird preserve) that he just discovered in our neighborhood (another reason to come on out to Bayview!).  I'm going to upload a butt load of photos in the next couple of days of their adventures, but this, my friends, has to be shared now.  I realize this blog has become ALL about the littlest miss Weathers.  What can I say, I guess she is my biggest interest and inspiration these days.  Yes there are a lot of other things in my life I could write about, but why?  I'm only sort of joking.  I'm trying to find a balance and post about things that don't always have to do with Vivienne (just most of the time, hehe), but it's really hard ;).

Enjoy this!

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