Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding shadows

It's been one of those weeks where I can't look at Vivienne without seeing how much she's grown.  Our days usually consist of so much activity and buzz that the little things almost go missed.  Almost.  Sometimes I catch a glance at her and it's as if I don't even know her, like my baby has been replaced by a toddler, who's been replaced by a human being.  She's growing up, getting older.  All of the thoughts and wonders, worries and magic of childhood are going to be hers to experience.  I love watching her discover and contemplate something as simple as a shadow.  Somewhere along the line we lose that innocence.  That uninhibited emotion that comes without all of the layers we learn to put up by getting older and wiser. 

One day Vivi will grow up and have her own perspective on the world.  She'll make her own decisions.  And I will be there to remind her of all the lovely and magical things she once discovered.  And how magical it was for me to witness them by her side.

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