Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top ten reasons why I love this man

1.  He says I make his world go 'round... (even when I forget the extra salsa at the burrito bar).

2.  He's a great daddy.  He's a great daddy.  He's a great daddy.

3.  He thinks it's cute when I mix up my metaphors and switch up my sayings (which is almost daily).

4.  He makes me coffee nearly every morning.

5.  He tells me to "sleep good" every night (even when I don't reply because I'm already asleep..sorta).

6.  Nothing makes him happier than being with Vivi and I.

7.  I don't ever have to make a plea for him to watch a dumb movie with me (see #1).

8.  When I'm lonely, he's the one I want to sit with.

9.  He always knows what's going on (in the neighborhood, at home, in the middle of the night, weather systems, random science stuff that I ask him about, you name it, he always has an answer for me).

10.  He holds me when I cry, calms me when I'm crazy, takes care of me when I hurt.

Happy birthday, lover!  You spin me right ' complete me....I heart you....want a little 'chino for the road?  (You had to be there I was funny, kind of).

I love you!!  For the next month or so you are officially 7 YEARS older than I am.  You are the Luke to my Leia!

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