Monday, March 21, 2011

My weekend

taken by: Vivienne, from her car seat!

learning the game

in honor of "the mugshot"

limes = yum

Lyla, Lyla, Lyla (I deleted the smiling one accidentally)

This sums up my dad whenever we're in town ;)

We went to see family for the weekend because Mitch was in LA for work.  We came back Sunday, Vivi packing a molar and a nasty cold.  I spent the morning at Target stocking up on cold remedies.  Lots of Vicks supplies (humidifiers, vaporizers, cough suppressants, cough drops), pediatric menthol stuff, lots of Vitamin C, lots of baby motrin and acetaminophen, some "mess free" markers and coloring pads, playdough, more stickers... did I mention it's going to rain for the next 6 days?  My little bird is sleeping soundly now, the smell of menthol drifting out from under her door.  I hope we kick this thing quickly because it really is sad/a bummer when babies get sick.

I'll be posting some book review stuff later and maybe a few "what Vivi wore" posts, depending what I have time to do in between nursing my little bird, cleaning the house and starting on my enormous pile of laundry.  Wow -- it may as well be 1950 around here, the way I'm donning my apron and getting to work!  I kid, I really do enjoy having the time to take care of everything without the pressure and stress of work.  

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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