Monday, March 28, 2011

In the spirit of Mad Men

My handsome mister in our living room.  We have loved the mid century look for years now, and have really made an effort to fit it into our home.  It's finally feeling very finished in some ways.  This table and chair set we got from a furniture dealer that has provided a lot of the beautiful stuff that I love in our house.  (He's local and very nice.  I'd give you his information but then you might get a fabulous piece of furniture that could have been mine and well, I'm selfish that way.)  We've been OBSESSED with Mad Men lately and watch it almost every night after the Toots goes down.  We're almost caught up.  I would kill for some of the outfits in that show.  You also can't watch it without a little bourbon over ice.  I think Mitch did a good job at creating this effect in the picture above -- gotta love Hipstamatic.

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