Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tourist shot

Today we went to the library, Toots and I.  I decided that we would make the quick trip downtown to the SF Main Library to have a story time/toddler tale.  It was super fun -- we saw a Native American dancer perform and read a ton of new books (to the utter happiness of Vivienne).  The Main Library is amazingly beautiful and enormous.  It made me think about work and how much I miss the Stanford libraries.  On the way there we had to walk through the Civic Center and as we passed the Opera House and the big green field, all of these memories came flooding over me.  As a kid, I used to tell my parents every time we visited San Francisco that I wanted to live in this city.  I wanted to be one of the people that lived in the "tall buildings", I used to say.  I wondered what kind of happenings went on decades ago in these old places.  They are absolutely breathtaking.

I've felt like for the longest time now I've almost forgotten that I actually do live here, that I am one of many that reside in the "tall buildings".  That I am actually living a childhood dream.  And it feels good.  As Vivi stared at the Opera House and pointed and grunted as if she wanted to go in, I felt so excited for all of the things to come for us and this beautiful city.  The very winter I found out I was pregnant with her, Mitch took me to the Nutcracker in that very same Opera House.  We got German food and beer at Suppenkuche before the show and walked the short distance to the ballet.  It was magical (he definitely knows the way to my heart).  I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to take my child here someday.  And now I can.  Now I will. 

Today Vivienne turns a year and a half old.  It's harder for me than it was when she turned one.  It seems more permanent for some reason, more real that she is actually getting older.  She is so far from that little baby that I gave birth to, I hardly recognize those pictures sometimes.  Yesterday when I put her down for a nap she randomly reached up toward my face, pulled herself close, and put her arms around me and kissed my neck.  Three times.  For no reason other than I am her mommy.  Nothing makes me feel more privileged in life than to have that title. 

I guess we're on the countdown to two years old!

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  1. I'm envious of your location. I'm in a 'I hate pdx
    ' place.

    these photos are adorable